The Role of Image Protection Film

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(1) Waterproofing: For example, wood floors, generally speaking, are worried about water-induced mildew. Workers will inevitably have some dust and water when decorating, but the material of PVC is waterproof, so you can not worry about water flowing through the membrane into the wood floor.
(2) Super abrasion resistance: PVC material, flexible, not easy to tear, not easy to leave scratches. And there are professional moisture-proof products on the protective film to prevent the floor from damp. High quality and low price, can be recycled.
(3) Buffer and shock absorption: Decoration debris dropped to prevent and restore floor scratches, in the decoration of our PVC floor protective film can play a buffer role, so that the floor will not be scratched due to improper construction, forming a layer of protective film on the floor to prevent scratches. Generally speaking, to ensure the beauty of the floor construction at ease.


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