Hot Stamping Foil Can Be Used In Which Aspects

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Bronzing paper Features: Hot stamping the best temperature of 95-135 degrees, please according to different hot stamping base materials and patterns to choose different models of bronzing paper to try hot.
Hot Stamping area is more extensive, which is divided into three kinds, one is hot stamping small strokes (small area dedicated), the second is 6*6 mm field hot stamping (general type), three is 10*10 mm field hot stamping (large area dedicated). General plastic Type bronzing paper: for the variety of plastics, can provide hot bronzing foil on a variety of materials.
For cosmetic Packaging: PE hose, pp cap, abs bottle body, glass painting and so on.
Electronic plastic Type bronzing paper: In the shell panel, is committed to the introduction of the industry's popular mirror, brushed brush foil and bright Kim Liang and other types of products.
Paper Category Bronzing paper: can provide hot on different paper and laminating on a variety of bronzing foil (gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, white), laser foil, colorful foil, colorful foil, widely used in cigarette cases, wine boxes, greeting cards, calendars, lottery (scraping music) and other paper products.
Cloth Type Bronzing paper: for cloth washable and other special requirements, professional to provide Germany, Taiwan and other imported cloth stamping foil, fastness, brightness up to international quasi test.
bronzing Auxiliary Materials: There is a bronzing version, bronzing wheel, foil cutting machine, such as bronzing auxiliary materials sales, bronzing version, Bronzing Wheel divided into Japan and Taiwan two kinds, after grinding and durable. Anodized aluminum, bronzing board, bronzing Wheel, bronzing accessories, bronzing paper for stamping materials. For large area heat transfer printing, can obtain uniform and beautiful processing surface. Cots can be heated more than 400 ℃ without affecting its elasticity, toughness and tensile strength, through the durability, not deformation, the length of complete specifications.


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