The Problem Of Fuzzy And Paste Version After Hot Stamping

发布时间:2019-01-11 16:54:26


The main reason for this failure is the hot stamping temperature is too high, anodized aluminum layer too thick, printing power is too large, anodized, such as the installation of relaxation caused.
According to the specific circumstances to take the appropriate measures to solve. Hot stamping temperature is caused by unclear handwriting and paste version of the main reasons, anodized hot stamping process, if the printing plate temperature is too high, resulting in the substrate and other film transfer, viscosity, resulting in unclear handwriting and paste version. The hot stamping should be in accordance with the temperature of anodized aluminum foil applicable range, appropriate to reduce hot stamping temperature. In addition, the aluminum coating should be selected with a thin anodized, adjust the appropriate pressure, and adjust the Shan drum pressure and roll pull.


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