The Problem Of Hot Stamping

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The problem of hot stamping
(1) Because hot stamping temperature is low or the pressure is light to cause hot stamping, you can adjust the hot stamping temperature and pressure.
(2) In the printing process, due to the ink added dryness of the oil excessive, so that the surface of the ink layer drying too fast to produce crystallization, so that hot stamping foil hot stamping.
The solution is to first print as far as possible to prevent the emergence of crystallization, and secondly, such as the crystallization of the production, you can remove hot stamping foil,
In the case of heating the printing of air pressure again, light damage to the crystallization layer, and then for hot stamping. (3) In the ink if the appropriate amount of wax removal agent, anti-viscous agent or dry oily substances will also produce hot stamping. The solution is to first in the printing plate on a layer of absorbent paper air pressure, will be the color of the wax on the layer, not the quality of the oil adsorbed off, and then for hot stamping operation.


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